I Can Only Highly Recommend This Nursery

As a mother of two small kids I was looking for a good nursery in my area because I'm a student and my kids needed all day child care. This nursery meets the highest requirements for me as a mother and the name My Second Home Nursery is the exact name for this place because when you'll come in, you'll feel like in your own home.

I'd like to highlight staff and management of this nursery as a friendly,welcoming and always helpful with everything what you need to. Honestly this nursery is big gift from heaven to me and my girls are very happy here. I can only highly recommend this nursery for every parents who are looking for perfect place for their kids.

Satisfied Parent
Petra Koller

Loving, Caring, Friendly Nursery

My Second Home is a loving, friendly and caring nursery and my daughter is very happy there. They do a great range of activities, and have plenty of outside time too. The staff are lovely and communication with parents is good.

Charlotte Parkinson

Highly Recommend

MSH is a great nursery, with caring and friendly staff. The kids get lots of interesting age appropriate activities, messy play and outdoor time etc. Rooms have themes at different times of the year and good resources to go with them. The environment is very welcoming: being a traditional house rather than modern build actually makes it cosier I think with smaller group sizes. Highly recommend.

Francesca Evangelisti

Really Happy

Really happy with the nursery, and my wee boy loves attending. Staff are all great and they all seem to have great fun which is brilliant to see.

Lesley Collins

Perfect Nursery

Perfect nursery my little girl loves it here always looks forward to going to nursery and has a great bond with all the staff.

Sarah Robinson-Baguley