Children's Play Rooms

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Cosy Cubs (0-2s)

The nursery has two baby rooms registered for 6 babies. We understand that it is important that babies are nurtured and made feel secure and loved. Both our small baby rooms reflect this by being warm and homely with lots of stimulating activities to enhance their imagination. The rooms are bright and airy with big bay windows that allow natural light to flood through. Most importantly our staff have a genuine interest in working with children.

A key worker is allocated to your child to ensure continuity and will work with the parent gathering information to help support and observe your child while they develop and grow.

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Curious Cubs (2-3s)

As your child makes the transition from the babies to the 2-3's, it is our aim to continue to follow the same routines and experiences. This aids smooth transition and helps your child settle in their new surroundings. The toddler room is registered for 10 children and is well lit with natural light. The room opens out to an enclosed outdoor space allowing children free flow to the outside world. We provide opportunities for our 2-3's to lead their own play, develop through new and exciting experiences and enjoy a vast range of activities inside and outdoors.

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Brilliant Bears (3-5’s)

Our 3-5 year olds have an active role in the planning of their daily experiences. They are very much the voice of the nursery. With the support of their key worker, they lead their own play, choosing what they want to do and voting on what they want to learn about. Children love to do projects and they usually last for around 6 weeks. This involves linking areas of their learning in line with The Curriculum for Excellence in order to help them understand what they are learning about and includes field trips to lots of different places to help them learn while having lots of fun. Learning outcomes include: mathematics, literacy, science, expressive arts, health and wellbeing, religious and morale, technologies and social studies.

Extracurricular activities include: sport coaching, Drama, Spanish lessons and Music.